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Location: 760 Indian Rocks Road North, Belleair Bluffs, Florida 3770

Personal Training Services

Building a strong and flexible body is Nico's specialty. Increase your endurance, aerobic ability for your work or your sport, and learn how to exercise with proper form and function in a safe and friendly environment with the latest and most advanced equipment, The Roboflex Exoskeletal BVR Cross-trainers.

The Roboflex Exoskeletal BVR Cross-trainers (pictured above) are capable of creating several hundred non-impact exercise stimuli which can induce any of 4 types of exercise responses - cardiovascular capacity (aerobic training), musculoskeletal strength (weight training), musculoskeletal flexibility (stretching), and endurance capacity (triathlon, mountain climbing, etc.).  It achieves this utilizing a patent pending cross-training system of robotic arms and legs which apply mechanically produced force (loads) to the body, during specific mechanically controlled vectors (movements).  A proprietary combination of these adjustable force vectors applied to various points of the body during specific sets of controlled movements, yield the desired exercise response. The robotic arms and legs control the movement and apply the load, while the center of gravity and body remain stationary.  The user is responsible only for generating the force and maintaining the pace of the exercise.  This virtually eliminates potential injury from incorrect movement during exercise performance.  Both safe and effective, Roboflex was designed to be the ultimate cross-trainer.

Training equipment available includes, free weight, kettle bells, mini-tramp, flex bands, foam rollers, stretching tables, vibration machine, bosoball, Swiss exercise balls, recumbent exercise bike and more.

Nico is available for training for private sessions or groups 2 or 3 at a time, on an hourly basis. Exercise sessions can be purchased in sixty (60) Minute or thirty (30) Minute increments and are designed to meet your fitness goals and personal needs.

Nico is also available as a consultant for lifestyle changes to maximize your diet and health strategies through his specific knowledge and experience in "The Road To Natural Wellness," the way nature intended.

Studio Rates:

Initial Assessment and Consultation Free

Private Sessions are available Monday thru Thursday afternoon. 3:00 or 4:00 PM only

Private Sessions: 60 Minutes - $75.00

30 Minutes - $40.00

Semi-private Sessions are available from 6:30 till 9:30 am Monday & Wednesday. Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 till 10:30 am & Friday 6:30 am till noon.

Semi-private Sessions: 60 Minutes - 5 Sessions - $300.00 - $60 ea

10 Sessions - $500.00 - $50 ea

20 Sessions - $900.00 - $45 ea

30 Minutes   5 Sessions - $175.00 - $35 ea

10 Sessions - $300.00 - $30 ea

20 Sessions - $500.00 - $25 ea

Discounts available for family members.

You may cancel or reschedule these lessons, with a notice 24 hours prior to the lesson, or the full value of a lesson is charged. Inactivity for a 90-day period forfeits the unused lessons.

Refunds available within 3 days after purchase only.

Discounts available for family members.

Call Nico at 727-418-8740 or contact him here


Sharing my studio are Healthy Image Physical Therapy and Belleair Barre.