AncestryFoundation 2014 Videos

Epigenetics & the Multigenerational Effects of Nutrition, Chemicals and Drugs — Jill Escher

Solution to the Identity Crisis of the Ancestral Gut — Grace Liu, PharmD

Functional Frivolity: Human Brain Evolution and Play — Aaron Blaisdell, Ph.D.

What Causes Leptin Resistance? — Stephan Guyenet, Ph.D.

Zoobiquity: Species-Spanning Medicine — Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, M.D.

A Theory of Obesity, With Supporting Evidence — Paul Jaminet, Ph.D.

Rethinking Fatigue: the Adrenal Myth — Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT

Synthesis of Modern Exercise Physiology and Evolutionary Theory — James Steele, Ph.D. cand.

The Underappreciated Role of Muscle in Health and Disease — Jamie Scott

Resistance Training, Brain Structure, and Brain Function — Skyler Tanner, M.S.

Ancestral Health for Women — Sarah Ballantyne, H.B.Sc., Ph.D., Stacy Toth, B.A.

Stress and Heart Rate Variability — Jason Moore, B.A.

Migraine as the Hypothalamic Distress Signal — Joshua Turknett, M.D.

The Relationship Between Activity, Good Health, and the Power of Play — Darryl Edwards, MSc

Myopia: A Modern Yet Reversible Disease — Todd Becker, M.S.

Osteoporosis: A Bone to Pick With Conventional Medicine — Paul Ralston, D.C.

Approaching Immortality - Maintaining Youthful Physiology as We Age — Daniel Stickler, M.D.

Bone Broth and Health: A Look at the Science — Kaayla Daniel, Ph.D., CCN

The First Paleo Food: It's Breastmilk and It's Alive! — Philip Goscienski, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Methylation: How 1 Carbon Affects Your Brain, Your DNA and Everything — Tim Gerstmar, N.D.

Lessons From the Vegans — Denise Minger

New Zealand Multisporters Following a Ketogenic Diet — Caryn Zinn, Ph.D.

How Quantified Self Technologies Will Help Us Live More Like Our Ancestors — Daniel Pardi

Lifestyle and Autoimmune Disease — Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D.

Mood and Anxiety in the Perinatal Patient: The Inflammatory Model — Kelly Brogan, M.D.

The Gut; Diet, Flora, Health and Disease — Michael Ruscio, D.C., B.S.

Plant Food Toxins in an Evolutionary Context — George Diggs, Ph.D.

Proposed Effective Training Methods for In-Mission Astronauts — Keith Norris, B.A.

Teaching Early US History in the Home of Ancel Keys — Gideon Mailer, Ph.D.

Paleolithic Diets and Blood Pressure Control — Lynda Frassetto, M.D.

Updating our Definition of the Original Human Diet — Cate Shanahan, M.D.

Modern Masters of Misery — Alex Baia, Ph.D.

Fructose, Bayes’s Theorem, Hill’s criteria and Murphy’s Law — Richard Feinman, Ph.D.

Coconut Gentrification in the Northern Coast of Ecuador — Pilar Egüez Guevara, Ph.D.

Muscle Strength, Physiology, and an Ancestral Approach to Back Pain — Matt Smith, M.D.

Bent Out of Shape? — Esther Gokhale, L.Ac., A.B.

Complacent Adaptation and Chronic Pain — Eric Goodman, D.C.

Primality And The Sustainability Revolution — Hilary Bromberg, Ph.D. cand.

Institutions and Rationality in the Emergence of an Obesity Epidemic — James Woodward

Native Paleo — Regina Aguilera, MS, LAc, Andrea Culbertson, MS, RDN, CDEP

Culturally Appropriate LCHF Diet Trial — Mikki Williden, Ph.D

Healthy Foods That Are Cruel: Social Justice in the Food Industry — Diana Rodgers

Strength Training for Women — Stacy Toth and Stephanie Gaudreau

Ancestral Mental Health: Applied Evolutionary Psychology — Nando Pelusi, Ph.D.

From Simple to Complex Patients — C. Rick Henriksen, M.D., MPP, Lauren Noel, N.D.


Resolving the Vitamin D Paradox — Chris Masterjohn, Ph.D.