Welcome to Living A Primal Lifestyle

Most of us want to be healthy and happy.  It seems only natural to have these desires. What we do not want is to struggle.  It should be simple and effortless to eat right, to get enough activity, in a fun and natural way.  In our modern world, today's society has made it very difficult for us.  Difficult because the information about diet, exercise and habitat is influenced by many outside agendas.  Today the health and welfare of people is secondary, to the purposes of governments, large companies and other powerful groups, that wish to influence our lives.  It may be for profit and control, rather than health, sustainability or the general good.  To get at the truth means we must battle past these influences.  To me, it means investigating the natural structures of life, our food, our daily activities and even our social structure.

Living A Primal Lifestyle is rather simple concept.  To me it means going back to basics.  A Primal Lifestyle Diet can put us on the road to natural wellness.  It produces powerful results, more quickly and effectively than other diets or weight loss programs.  It also means eating the way nature intended, by consuming local, organic seasonally available food.

We used to be part of the natural world, that’s what we did for millions of years.  It’s only in the last 10,000 years that we intentionally changed that natural order.  When we give up annual mono-crops and restore the land back to grasslands and forests, then the animals, the birds and all other species will return.  When we do away with commercial agriculture, sustainability, once again, will return.  This is how we can build a relationship with nature. To see others and our habitat as an extension of ourselves.

We are part of nature and we share this planet with the bacteria, the plants, the insects, the birds and the animals.  This is what makes all life possible.  We all sustain each other.  Destroy them and we destroy ourselves.  Today, we desperately need a serious resistance movement.  A resistance movement to end mono crop agriculture and go beyond civilization.  I call this movement "Prime Resistance."  It is a resistance movement, on an individual level.  Change ourselves and we change the world. If we change the food, we change the land and the environment.  This is how we reinstate our most important personal freedom, our health.

We do it by Living A Primal Lifestyle.

Nico de Haan