Join the conversation with Nico de Haan and Paige Clarke of “Living a Primal Lifestyle” where we explore a return to a more balanced, natural, wild world…to recover our natural health, and regain our rights and freedom.

May 18th Living a Primal Lifestyle with Nico and Paige #MonsantoOregon #saveorganicfarms #aminos4memory #Nora Gedgaudas
 Nico and Paige discuss the dangers of Glyphosate coming to an organic farm near you if Monsanto has their way. Paige pleas for listeners to take action. Further, is Monsanto hiring trolls to attack critics on social media? We also ask the question. "How much fat do we need?"They share brilliant info from expert Nora Gedgaudas, author of "Primal Fat Burner". As always, news you can use!
May 16th Living a Primal Lifestyle with Nico and Paige #Bigfoot #Sasquatch #downtime Nico and Paige discuss Nico's upcoming trip to Colorado with his son which begins this weekend. Nico talks about how he became interested in Bigfoot and the researcher that he follows. From tree structures and photos showing what looks like a hairy bi-pedal humanoid roaming around in the woods; it's all a mystery waiting to be solved. Being in the bush is a passion for many people and no wonder. That is how human beings lived for most of our existence. How do you spend your down time?

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