A Piece of the Action

Individual health and societal health in our modern world, are of secondary concern to someone getting "a piece of the action."

I'm going to draw a parable between the health business and the pool business, just to make a point. The real problem with our health system is that economic priorities determine health outcomes. About 10 years ago we had a pool and spa built and have relied on services and knowledge about the health and maintenance of our pool on a local pool service company. I go there to have my water tested, buy supplies like salt, sulfuric acid, stabilizer, etc. Through the years, they have provided me with an education of what to do in just about every scenario, that comes with owning and maintaining a pool.

A few months back I noticed a rust spot forming on our spillover. Somehow a piece of metal is exposed to water underneath the tile. Naturally I wanted to seek advice and have it repaired. I first called the installers, where I purchased the pool, but they did not do repairs, referring me to the pool supply store. I explained my problem to the store owner and he called his tile installer and they would call me. Never heard a word, no tile guy, no store owner, nothing.

It's been 3 months now. Going to the store, calling them every 2 weeks. They explained the problem. You see so many pools are being built that they are too busy to do small repairs. Not worth the money. Most tile installers are working for new pool companies or contracted to them. None left to do repairs. Money is too important, so offering a service become secondary, to the situation and not just this situation, any situation can have this outcome. In our society, our health care system, our political system, our food system and of course our education system, are all of secondary concern, to the system of someone getting "a piece of the action."  

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